My Story and How LifeBuild Health Formulas Began

Philip Harris Founder/Formulator LifeBuild Health

Since we introduced the InvigorerPlus Energy Formula on Instagram: and this website, a lot of people have been asking about my story and how the products came to be.

The short story is that the products started as a way to help me regain my own health and ended up being the business of LifeBuild Health LLC.

The longer story is that, a long time ago, I was not well. And although I was not diagnosed with anything major such as heart disease, I felt sick. I knew something was wrong. I was constantly tired, couldn't think quite right, and lacked motivation to do anything more than was absolutely necessary.

The conventional medical community couldn’t find anything wrong. S0 out of necessity, I turned to natural remedies and other alternative approaches. I knew that if I was going to regain my health, it was going to be through other methods and my own research and effort. It turned out to be one of the best things I ever did.

Poor health has a way of forcing you to put your goals on the backburner and begin focusing on rebuilding health.  Relearning how to eat, learning how to exercise and how to be healthy in general takes time and effort. But once you have your health back, you don't want to return to the old ways. It's not worth it.   

No one wants sickness or disease. But you can use it as a springboard for living your life differently. After all, you only get one life. And if it's going to be the best it can be, good health is a prerequisite no matter what the goal or endeavor.

Dr Thomas Fuller back in 1732 said
“health is not valued until sickness comes.” True that.

At the time, I didn’t even think about my health, just living my life, as most of us do, eating a pretty conventional American diet, and living a pretty conventional lifestyle.

And that was the problem. It doesn't promote good health. Unfortunately, it catches up with most of us eventually in some way. It did me.

Dr Thomas Fuller back in 1732 said “health is not valued until sickness comes.” True that.

I began to recognize that if I didn’t start doing things differently, the end game of my diet and lifestyle in all likelihood was worsening health, a high probability for disease, serious life compromises and quite likely, an early death. 

In a way I was lucky as I was not diagnosed with cancer, or heart disease or any of the other major diseases. And because the problem went undiagnosed, it forced me to take my health into my own hands. I saw it as an opportunity to start doing things differently.   

So I started to learn about alternative methods such as herbs, nutritional supplements and more. There’s a lot of options out there if you only take the time to look. But herbs are definitely the cornerstone of natural remedies and are well researched.

First things first though, I started to eat healthier foods. I took the advice of the father of medicine, Hippocrates, who said "let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." That's the starting point for anyone seeking better health. I also began exercising and nurturing the mind through meditation. 

I turned to a master herbalist for help who eventually became my teacher and mentor. I became a certified herbalist in 1998, and apprenticed with her for over two years, sitting in on many client consultations and working with her in her herb shop.

I began making my own products shortly after becoming certified. And soon after, LifeBuild Health Formulas was born.

In the beginning, my formulas were designed strictly to help myself, and many of those early formulations eventually became the basis of some of the LifeBuild Health products we now offer.

For several years, I also made many custom formulations for others to help them with their unique health challenges or to cleanse, detox, and support body processes such as the immune system, liver function and more. The experience of doing all of those formulations and practicing my craft was invaluable.

As my own health improved, I also became a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a LifeStyle and Weight Management Consultant although my main focus now is LifeBuild Health Formulas and bringing them to the public.

Today, I’m a different guy. I have a very healthy diet, work-out 4-6 days a week, meditate regularly, and am loving the process of building the business and introducing the life-enhancing and health building properties of nature to as many people as possible.

If you get one of our products, you now know the backstory and the early evolution of the company and my deep commitment to health and wellness. To say that I stand behind every product, ingredient and formulation is both true and an understatement.

Regardless of your health challenges or simply your desire to get more out of life with natural remedies, I wish you the best and hope that we can help you in your efforts.

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